Little Red Landscape

Barrowland Ballet

Little Red

Sat 13 May 2017

Recommended for 7+ | 120mins

Presented by Barrowland Ballet and Tramway, a fun and thrilling show for young people aged 7 and up to enjoy with their family and friends.

£8.50 / £30 Wee Group Saver

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What big eyes you have.
What big ears
And my…what big teeth…..

Three Little Red Riding Hoods set off from home, destined for their granny’s house. In their own way each one is trying to be the girl they’re expected to be. But as the woods get darker, they get an overwhelming urge to step off the path, go into the forest and explore what’s really out there.

Join them as they journey into the unknown and find themselves being followed; a flash of fur, the glint of teeth, something out there in the night.

Revisit this fairy tale favourite, but mind you don’t stray too far from the path in this thrilling story about growing up.

"Bold and brilliant, and worth taking a walk on the Red side" - THE HERALD

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13/05 - 3:30pm