The Imitation Game

Sat 24 - Thu 29 Jan 2015


Contains moderate sex references

Morten Tyldum / UK/USA 2014 / 113 min / (12A) Contains moderate sex references

Based on the real life story of British cryptanalyst Alan Turing, The Intimation Game alternates between three significant periods his life: the nerve-wracking daily race against the clock to decipher the seemingly impenetrable code; the interrogation of Turing after his arrest in 1952 for ‘gross indecency’ and flashbacks to school days and his intoxicating friendship with a boy named Christopher.

As well as solving the Enigma code, The Imitation Game's Alan Turing made remarkable contributions to the subject of mathematics and is widely considered to have founded the field of computing science.

Directed By
Morten Tyldum
Year Made
UK/USA 2014