Pricing FAQs

Not sure which price band to choose? Here's a bit more info that might help...

How do I know what to pay? 
We’re asking customers to choose the price that’s right for their circumstances. That might vary from person to person, but also from day to day. You might pay different rates depending on how far away the next pay day is, or based on how excited you are about the film, or depending on the time of day you come. If you’re coming with a family you might choose to pay different rates for the adults and children. You might just pick the mid-rate and pay that each time.  Whatever you choose – don’t worry. No-one’s judging.

But if I choose to pay more I couldn’t afford to come to as many screenings
Then pay less. We’d love as many people as possible to enjoy great documentaries with us. We care far more about that, than about the specific amount you choose to pay each time you visit. When you can pay more, please do so, but when you can’t - come anyway!

What’s the point in my paying more?
As a registered charity, we invest all of the income we make back into creative provision for the people of Central Scotland. That includes great film and live performance, participatory activity, and all kinds of engagement across the region. Those who can pay more help us to do all this, as well as to keep the lowest band of ticket pricing really affordable.

Won’t people take advantage?
We hope not. We tested the Pay What You Can pricing structure throughout our second Central Scotland Documentary Festival in October 2018. The percentages of distribution of choice across the three ticket bands was 29:39:32. Customers typically made thoughtfully considered choices about what they paid, and we received really positive feedback about the increased accessibility of film choices. We hope to continue that this year with our choice of £2.50 / £5.50 / £8.50.

Are the lower prices concession rates? Do I qualify?
No, and yes. All price bands are open to absolutely everyone, and there’s no need to prove (or explain) why you chose your price band. No-one will ask about, or question, your choice. None of the rates are ‘concessions’ or ‘premiums’.

I think I could afford to pay more, I just don’t want to.
That’s okay. We all make different kinds of decision about what we choose to spend our money on. We want you to come to Central Scotland Documentary Festival and see great films every year. If paying £2.50 is what enables you to do that, then do it. If – over time – you love it, then maybe pay more next time. Or become a Friend. Or make a donation. Pay whatever you can – the clue’s in the name!

Why don’t you just stick to ordinary pricing?
There are a couple of reasons. The main one is that we passionately believe that great cinema should be for everyone, and that no-one should be prohibited from attending for reasons of cost. We will always work as hard as we can to sustain our audiences, make our provision sustainable, and reach as many people as possible. Pay What You Can reflects this ethos, and (we hope) enables us to achieve all these goals. When we tested the idea at Central Scotland Documentary Festival in 2018, it reassured us that our audience would help us make this work. Pragmatically, we also know that cost is an important factor in shaping people’s decisions about where to go to the cinema, and we want to encourage as many people as possible to choose us.