This season we're inviting you to join us in an exploration of what makes us who we are - inspired by the brand new production...

RED DUST ROAD (29 & 30 Aug).
Based on a memoir by Scottish Makar and University of Stirling Alumni Jackie Kay it tells the story of the journey to find her birth parents and the discovery that we are shaped by the folk songs we hear as much as the cells in our body. Hear more about this brand new production from Jackie herself.

There's other opportunties for you to join the Conversation too...

PHOTO COMPETITION (Deadline: Mon 19 Aug)
Family is what you make it! If you'd like to be part of our Conversation Exhibition then send us a 'family' photo that means a lot to you and a short description of who's in the picture and why it is important. We know that 'family' means different things to different people too, so feel free to send in photos of your work family, your university family, your family of friends or any other people that have or do play an important role in your life. 

In August we're reading Red Dust Road by Jackie Kay. Join us on Tue 27 Aug to share your thoughts!

This Exhibition looks at the complex identity of multiracial individuals, a visually underrepresented group in Scotland. 

Jackie Kay
Red Dust Road Book Cover
Iona Leishman
Drumming Workshop
Girls and Their Mothers