Incredible Things by Incredible People

Welcome to our virtual exhibition!

You've arrived at the online Macrobert Gallery, where we are celebrating HUBBUB 2021.

Our exhibition, 'Incredible Things by Incredible People' is a culmination of an amazing term of workshops and fun had by so many people - and all online! Participants have been submitting work created both in and out of workshops held over the past term, creating some excellent opportunities to see personal renditions of a theme, image or idea, as well as some brilliant 'hidden talent' pieces that people have been keeping to themselves!

We really wanted to take this opportunity to create a platform that could showcase all of the amazing creativity that we've seen, and thank everyone who joined us in such a different way of group activity over the past few months.

Please walk around our virtual space and enjoy - have a look at a few handy tips below on getting around.




  • Viewing the gallery on your phone? Don't be put off by the 'unsupported' message - simply click the green button that says 'continue' and you should be good to go! For best experience on your phone, we do recommend downloading the app. If you have access to a desktop or laptop you should have no problems with accessing our gallery

  • To move around the virtual gallery, simply move your cursor around on the floor area of the gallery. Anywhere that the blue 'feet' appear can be clicked, and you will magically walk there! It's best to not get too close to the walls as you won't be able to see anything!

  • If this happens, simply click, hold and drag your cursor to rotate. An example of this would be to click and hold somewhere on the wall or floor to the left side of the window, and then drag the cursor over to the right; this will turn the screen to the left. It's like using a flattened steering wheel.

  • Want to know more about a piece, like who made it or what with? You can click on any of the artwork and your will be transported smack bang in front of it! A pop up window will appear, containing any information or details we have about the piece.

  • Why don't you write in our guestbook? As our world is more online than ever, tell us where you have 'travelled' from to visit our space! Comments are checked and published a few times each day, just as a precautionary measure against spam or things that go against our guidelines.