Cab Sav Creators



Acrylic Paint

Primary colours are fine (red, yellow and blue) plus a black and a white if you want to keep it simple mix your own shades.

Feel free to get yourself a bigger kit with all the colours of the rainbow though!



Everything we paint is worthy of being on a canvas! Grab any type of canvas (flat board or stretched) in a size that feels good to you - something you’d easily hang on your wall.

I’d suggest 8 x 10 or bigger if possible!




We can make anything work, don’t be distracted by different brushes for different things. I’d recommend a few soft looking brushes of different sizes.


Easel / iPad holder / Something to hold your canvas


You can often pick these up super cheap at a Home Bargains store or The Works with a canvas to boot!


Cheese and snacks


I’d recommend something soft and creamy and something with a little tang or bite.

Don’t forget the oat cakes.




A good Australian Shiraz ;)