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Visible Fictions & Aberdeen Performing Arts

A Ladder to the Stars

Wed 28 Nov - Sun 9 Dec 2018

For age 5 and under | 50mins

A magical Christmas show for children aged 5 and under.

£9.50 / £34 Wee Group Saver

Way up in the deep blue night sky, a twinkling star hears a little girl’s birthday wish . . . she wishes she could dance with the stars. Wanting to make this wish come true, the star tells the moon, the moon tells the sun, the sun tells the wind and the rain, and together they dream up a wonderful plan. Told through a magical mix of music, light and imagination, this is a heartfelt and humorous story of what can happen when the universe hears your dreams.

BSL Performance: Sat 1 Dec, 1pm

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