Plain A3 landscape Belonging

Belonging: The Truth Behind the Headlines

Fri 20 Oct 2017


An investigative film about where power lies in the UK.

Tickets: £7 / £6 Conc / £5 Students

BBFC: Contains infrequent strong language, injury detail

Where does the power lie in the United Kingdom?

Belonging: The Truth Behind The Headlines is a passionate and investigative documentary about where the power lies in the United Kingdom. Re-examining events surrounding 3 industrial disputes, 3 governments and over 3 decades, it shows the impact of government and corporate power on democracy and human rights not just for trade unionists, but for all.

Look out for many reveals– not least a secret government plan to destroy community and collectivism. Belonging uses documents clearly showing what has long been suspected by many but not proven – until now.


Join us for a Q&A with director Morag Livingstone after the film.  

Cent Scot Docu Fest

Directed By
Morag Livingstone
Year Made
UK 2017