Rapture Theatre

Clybourne Park

Sat 28 Sep 2019

Racial tensions escalate and the stakes are raised...

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Tickets: £15.50 / £13.50 Conc / £6.50 Student

'How many white men does it take to change a light bulb?'

It’s 1959 and President Eisenhower is in the White House. Bev and Russ are moving after the tragic death of their son, and they have inadvertently sold their house to the neighbourhood’s first black family. Fifty years later, in 2009, with the first Black President just having taken office, a young white couple buy the same house in what is now a predominantly black neighbourhood.

In both instances, racial tensions escalate, the stakes are raised and the play asks the question: have our attitudes to race really changed?

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Tony and Olivier Award for Best Play and hailed as 'shockingly entertaining' and 'appallingly funny', Clybourne Park is a razor-sharp satire about the politics of race.