Tortoise In A Nutshell


Thu 26 Jan 2017

Recommended 14+ | 50mins

In association with us, Fisk is a brand new international co-production between Teater Katapult and Scottish award-winning theatre company, Tortoise in a Nutshell.

£14.50 / £12.50 Conc / £5.50 students

This is a story of a man and a fish, and the unexpected impact they have upon one another. It weaves together a rich tapestry of puppetry, movement and intricate design, alongside an evocative original soundtrack, the piece draws audiences into an immersive marine world.

Amidst a vast, cascading expanse of ocean, a tiny boat is tossed through rolling waves and thundering storms, a speck amidst the immense turbulent seas. Steadily rowing forward into the nothingness is a fisherman, driven by despair, sailing to nowhere with all his worldly possessions. He looks out as the darkness looms and prepares himself to leap. But before he can jump out, something else jumps in; a mass of colour thrashing about the tiny boat. This uninvited guest has finally broken through the surface to discover what lies above.

Examining themes of depression, support and interconnection, Fisk is an exploration of the lengths we can go to in order to escape from ourselves, yet also finds joy in even the deepest and darkest of depths.

This performance will be followed by a short discussion exploring the incidence and impact of mental health on all our lives. This will be led by a panel of people with personal and professional insight. 

The team behind the show are offering schools workshops to explore the themes of the show. Get in touch for more info and to book a workshop: creativelearning@macrobertartscentre.org

There's a limited amount of 50p tickets available for this show, part of the University's 50th birthday celebrations. Find out how you can get one here.