Geek Girls Landscape

Geek Girls

Sun 22 Oct 2017


Gina Hara's new documentary, Geek Girls, explores the hidden heroines of nerd culture and challenges the misconceptions of girls in gaming.

Tickets: £7 / £6 Conc / £5 Students


The first feature-length documentary to explore the hidden half of fan culture: nerdy women.

Although geeky communities have recently risen to prominence as major cultural contributors, very little attention has been directed towards the women who live and work with nerd culture. Filmmaker Gina Hara addresses this oversight, delving into a world of professional gamers, cute dresses, fake names, and death threats. She follows her subjects through the exhilaration of a newfound community and the ennui of ostracization, while also exploring her own struggles with her geek identity.

Cent Scot Docu Fest

Directed By
Gina Hara
Year Made
Canada 2017

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