La Fille De Brest / 150 Milligrams

Thu 2 Nov 2017


A fearless everywoman stands up to a powerful pharmaceutical company in this gripping Dave vs Goliath story - based on a real-life medial scandal that rocked in France.

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The inspirational crusade of one dedicated nurse against a large-scale pharmaceutical company forms the basis of Emmanuelle Bercot’s super-charged adaptation of real-life whistleblower Irène Frachon’s bestselling memoir. Irène (Borgen’s Sidse Babett Knudsen) is a hospital lung specialist who begins to suspect a connection between recent patient deaths and a medication called Mediator. Seeking solid proof to justify her suspicions, she joins forces with the hospital’s head of research Antoine, played by Benoît Magimel. What follows is a long and rough road strewn with shady coverups, impenetrable institutional frameworks and powerful figures who are either corrupt or simply have their heads buried deep in the sand. Irène's determination in pursuing the cause catapults her into the spotlight. By challenging one unscrupulous company, she shakes the foundations of a system that has become inexcusably complacent.

Suspense, tension, invention... a highly efficient thriller.


150 Milligrams / La Fille de Brest (N/C 15+)
Year Made
France 2016