Life, Animated

Tue 4 Apr 2017


Cinema celebrating National Autism Awareness Week.

All Tickets £5

BBFC: Contains infrequent mild sex references, language

An insight into the life of an autistic boy called Owen, who at the age of 3 suddenly stopped talking. His parents feared that he would never talk again, until they realised that Owen’s obsession for Disney classics helped him to decode his world. From then on his family fully immersed themselves in his world of Disney, using the characters as an alphabet to teach him to relate.At the age of 19, Owen came to his parents saying;

 ‘Mom, I wish people understood who I was. They don’t know who I am. They don’t understand people like me.’

This documentary is what came out of Owen’s desire to share this very personal and highly emotional story.

*This screening will be followed by a free panel Q&A
Directed By
Roger Ross Williams
Year Made
USA 2016