Mercenaire / Mercenary

Thu 23 Nov 2017


The odyssey of Soane, a young Caledonian from Wallis island, who leaves everything behind to try his luck in France as a rugby player.

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French, although not considered such, Soane has a thirst for freedom, but struggles to get the recognition that he deserves. The local rugby team official takes one look at him, deems him too short and 20 kilos too light and advises Soane to fly right back to where he came from. That’s not an option, however. Writer-director Sacha Wolff elicits effective performances from an almost entirely non-professional cast in this eventful tale of standing up for yourself in tricky circumstances.

A tough-as-nails French thriller about a Polynesian rugby player who tries to go pro and nearly gets killed in the process - Hollywood Reporter


Mercenary / Mercenaire (15)
Directed By
Sacha Wolff
Year Made
France 2016