Imaginate & Red Bridge Arts

Night Light

Sat 20 May 2017

Recommended for 3-6 years | 40mins

A magical and poetic journey through the night, exploring children’s relationship with light.

£8.50 / £30 Wee Group Saver

What happens after everyone has gone to sleep?

The blackbird sings to welcome the night. The day slows and soon all are asleep. All except one who cannot sleep. A child, curious to know who looks after the night. And so begins a magical journey through the dark and beautiful night until the black bird sings again to welcome a new day.

Teater Refleksion and Andy Manley are internationally regarded for their poignant and poetic shows for the very young. Audiences will be immersed in a magical universe surrounded by a beautifully designed structure.

Night Light4 credit Bo Amstrup
Night Light3 credit Bo Amstrup
Night Light2 credit Bo Amstrup
Night Light1 credit Bo Amstrup