Patients / Step by Step

Thu 9 Nov 2017


An uplifting, contemporary comedy-drama based on popular French slam poet Fabien Marsaud’s autobiography, Patients.

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A young man lies in a hospital bed. He can neither feel nor move his limbs. He can only stare at the ceiling. The nurses and doctors speak about him as if he weren’t present in the room. They are saying he will never walk again. Thus begins the travails of 20-year-old Ben, an athletic college student whose dreams are as broken as his spine. The inspiring story recounts the hardships and the tears, as well as the ultimate victories of a life re-invented.

A moving and touching film that makes you go from laughter to tears.


Patients / Step by Step (N/C 12+)

Directed By
Mehdi Idir, Grand Corps Malade aka Fabien Marsaud
Year Made
France 2016