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Mon 24 Oct 2016

Recommended 9+ | 50mins

A touching family show for children & adults alike.

£10.50 / £8.50 Conc / £5.50 Students & Under 18's

A passionate and energetic one-man show that vividly illustrates the high stakes of classroom power play and explores the lasting legacy of childhood friendships.

Moving school is never easy. When class bully Sharon takes an instant dislike to Martin it feels like he has an especially tough ride ahead of him. That is until he befriends Simon McGurk and his fortunes seem to change. However the fickle world of playground politics soon puts pressure on their friendship and Martin finds himself making a choice that will impact them both.

“A really touching family show” - THE LIST
 “Transcends generational gaps” - THE HERALD
"Acutely perceptive and quietly devastating" - NEW YORK TIMES
"No matter what age you are, it’s emotional, uplifting and completely unforgettable" - FEST MAGAZINE
"Theatre to be enjoyed across the generations" - THE ARTS JOURNAL
Directed By
Catherine Wheels Theatre Company