Mean Girls PS WEB

Pyjama Screening - Mean Girls

Wed 18 Sep 2019


On Wednesdays, we wear pink!

You Choose: £4.50 / £6.50 / £8.50

BBFC: Contains moderate language, sex and drugs references

Wind down after Freshers Week with a totally fetch pyjama screening of Mean Girls! 

Are you a Plastic, a Desperate Wannabe or a Sexually Active Band Geek? Grab your clique and join us as we Quote-Along* to one the top teen movies of all time.

We’ll have our very own Burn Book primed and ready for you to write down your friends’ biggest secrets, a few of the best (and weirdest) will be read out to the rest of the audience so make them good! And don’t forget to wear your pyjamas.

*You let it out honey and shout out your favourite quotes along with the film!

Directed By
Mark S Waters
Year Made
USA 2004