Shattered Landscape

In Motion Theatre Company


Tue 22 May 2018


A woman's encounter with a stranger begins her reconnection to life...

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£12.50 / £10.50 Conc / £5.50 Students

Three years on from the sudden death of their baby, Lucy and Ben are struggling to find some kind of normality in their fractured world.  Lucy focuses on the people on the street, watching day in and day out from her window. She wants to be part of that world again. She wants to be close to Ben again. Ben wants to be close to her too, using humour and dancing to try and break the silence between them.

After being left alone in the flat for a few days, Lucy has an encounter with a stranger called Katy, who tries to bring her back to reality. Will she be able to reconnect with life and rekindle the relationship she desperately needs and wants with Ben?

Read a bit more about the play and what inspired her to create it from writer Lisa Nicoll.

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"It is sad; it is moving; it is hopeful” - **** THE WEE REVIEW