SUDS Landscape

SUDS - The Unexpected Guest

Thu 23 - Sat 25 Feb 2017


Brand new theatre from the University of Stirling Drama Society.

Tickets £10 / £7 Conc

Lost in the fog, Michael Starkwedder stumbles into Richard Warwick's study to find him dead and Richard's wife, Laura, standing near him with a gun. Warwick was a detestable brute hated by his entire household, so when Laura confesses to his murder, Starkwedder agrees to give her an alibi.

The police suspect everyone but are especially puzzled by a set of unidentified finger-prints. They discover that Warwick made a violent enemy of a man called MacGregor who had gone to Canada after Warwick had killed his child.

Are the fingerprints his? Or do they belong to Laura's lover, Julian Farrar, whom Laura has lied to protect? After Warwick's demented half-brother confesses to the murder and then accidentally shoots himself, the police leave satisfied that the case is closed- whereupon Miss Christie produces one of her famous surprise endings.