The list 2

The List (+ Documentary: Filming The List)

Thu 9 Oct 2014


Maureen Beattie stars in this filmed re-staging of the award-winning one-woman show The List

The List

Morag McKinnon / Scotland 2014 / DCP / 50mins

Rated 14+

Starring Maureen Beattie

A re-staging of Scottish company Stellar Quines award-winning Edinburgh Festival Fringe production The List. The company commissioned BAFTA-winning film director Morag McKinnon to work alongside the company’s Artistic Director Muriel Romanes to produce a cinema version of the play.  Their aim was to transform the intimacy of live theatre for the big screen.

Produced in association with Screen Academy Scotland at Edinburgh Napier University.


Filming The List

Robin MacPherson / Scotland 2014 / DCP / 28mins

A behind the scenes documentary revealing how the worlds of theatre and film worked with their differences to create a Scottish first for both.

Filming a one woman play for the cinema sounds straightforward, but proved anything but for Morag McKinnon and her crew in this observational documentary on the challenges of putting live theatre on the big screen.

Filming The List goes behind the scenes as the two groups of professionals find out how to reconcile the creative and technical differences between theatre and cinema in pursuit of a film of which they can all be proud.




Directed By
Morag McKinnon / Robin MacPherson
Year Made
Scotland 2014

'Mauree Beattie [gives a} mesmerising and thrillingly unforgiving performance as a woman who cannot forgive herself' - Lyn Gardner: The Guardian

'This stellar piece of theatre is outstanding and entirely captivating, and should be right at the top of everybody's list' **** - The Public Reviews