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The Matrix

Sun 4 - Thu 8 Aug 2019


Forget everything you know. Forget everything you've seen...because it's nothing compared to this 1999 classic.

You Choose: £4.50 / £6.50 / £8.50

BBFC: Contains strong fantasy violence

'... buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy because Kansas is going bye bye.'

The year is 1999 and Thomas Anderson (AKA Neo) works in a cubicle, manning a computer and doing a little hacking on the side. He's been looking for the mysterious Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) in the hope of answering the ultimate question - what is the Matrix? 

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Matrix and experience the Trilogy all in one day

The Matrix: Reloaded (Sun 4 Aug, 5pm)

The Matrix: Revolutions (Sun 4 Aug, 8pm)

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Directed By
Lilly Wachowski,Lana Wachowski
Year Made
USA 1999