Tommy Tiernan

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Tommy Tiernan: Tomfoolery

Fri 29 Oct 2021

Suitable for ages 15+ | 110mins

Tommy Tiernan's back with a bit of his own very special Tomfoolery

All tickets: £20.50

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Tommy Tiernan’s brand new show sees the 50 year old back onstage with an exhilarating mix of the highly personal and flamboyant storytelling that audiences love.

Renowned for his no holds barred approach to the art of stand-up, this promises to be a delightful trip through the mouth and mind of one the world’s most respected comic performers. Age has not dulled him, in fact he seems more full of fire and mischief now than he ever was. He wonders aloud about God, sex and family in a way that seems equally sacred and profane at the same time. His stories and ideas are as full of drama as they are of wit and fun.

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29 Oct - 8pm