Transcending the Storm

Wed 15 Nov 2017


An inspirational story of a Scotsman attempting to leave an alcoholic and violent past behind, daring to follow his dreams.

Tickets £7.25 / £6.75 Conc & Friends / £5.50

Award-winning local filmmaker Stephen Mulhearn takes us on a personal journey of discovery following his dramatic near death experience. Trying to escape a violent and alcoholic past, he finds himself on the brink of death in a Scottish hospital where he has a transcendent experience. Leaving hospital, he embarks on a quest to try and find reasons for our suffering and learns from indigenous cultures a pathway to healing. An inspirational documentary. 

Following this first Scottish public screening, Stephen will give an inspirational Q & A about overcoming challenges and share insights about going for our wildest dreams!

Directed By
Stephen Mulhearn