Twisted (Landscape)

Stirling Musical Theatre Society

Twisted: An Untold Story of a Royal Vizier

Fri 14 - Sat 15 Apr 2023

Suitable for ages 16+ | 150mins

Tickets: You Choose - £13 / £11 / £9

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Are you ready to enter a whole new world where nothing is as it seems? Explore the classic tale of Aladdin, but Twisted! Our Protagonist, Ja’far, seeks to protect his kingdom against its vile sultan, the attacking nation of Pix’zar, and the kingdom’s notorious criminal… Aladdin! All with the help of an optimistic teenage princess. Join us for a thousand and one laughs in a parodic retelling of a story you THINK you know well. If you believe in wishes, then hop on your magic carpet and delve into the Cave of Wonders that is this heartfelt musical!"

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14 Apr - 7pm
15 Apr - 2pm
15 Apr - 7pm

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