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2Faced Dance Company

What the Moon Saw

Sat 28 - Sun 29 Jul 2018

3+ | 45mins

A magical journey with a friendly face.

Friends Discount applicable

£8.50 / £30 Wee Group Saver

Young artist Jack is spending his first night in a new house. Scared of the sounds and feeling alone, Jack decides to sketch to comfort himself but his pictures only appear in black and white! Worried, Jack opens his bedroom curtains to find the friendly and familiar face of The Moon.

Shining brightly, The Moon teaches Jack how to be brave, taking him on adventures around the world, showing him everything he sees and teaching him all that he knows. Watch Jack’s world come to life in this interactive tale, full of secrets and surprises that will excite and charm the whole family.

Why not bring the little ones along in their jammies with their favourite blanket or teddy to get the real bed time experience... And don't forget to stay afterwards to meet the cast and draw on their life size blackboard!

Drop in 20 minutes before the start time for some arts and crafts relating to the show! If you're lucky you might even get to meet the cast...


'This family-friendly show is performed by one of the most exciting and versatile small companies around.' CULTURE WHISPER

'All the dancers were so approachable and welcoming making it more than just a dance show but more of an experience. It had it all.' - BEHIND THE ARRAS