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Young Animators

Tue 9 Mar 2021

Ages 10 to 13 | 90mins

Join us each week for a workshop that dives into the animated world. Suitable for ages 10 to 13.

£42 (For 7 sessions)

What does it take to make a stop frame animation? Join us each week online for a workshop that dives into the stop frame animation world. Each week we will be exploring the different types of stop frame animation; object animation, paper, drawing and much more. You’ll get the chance to learn a new skill and create your very own animation, right from your own home.

The term will run for 7 weeks and we'll be exploring different types of animation materials - paper, drawing and object animation.

Online booking closes one hour before this session begins. A zoom link will be sent to all bookers via email 45 minutes before each session.

This session is led by theatre maker Nikki Kalkman.

Things you will need for the workshop

  • Camera phone or tablet - this needs to be a separate device from the one you are Zooming into the meeting on.
  • Tripod/Ipad stand - this will help stabilise your camera while you animate.
  • Stop Motion Studio App - FREE from any App Store.
  • Bluetooth Camera Shutter or Clicker - Available quite cheaply from Amazon. This will allow you to take photos for your animation without knocking the camera.
  • Lamp/s - Three is ideal but anything to illuminate the space will work.

You'll also need a clear space to work. This can either be a table top or desk or even the corner of a room. Lastly, depending on what type of animation you create will depend on what other materials you'll need but I would suggest bringing in a collection of white paper, coloured paper, coloured pens and pencils, scissors, glue or sticky tape and a collection of toys or objects to animate with, to start with.