Food & Drink at Macrobert Arts Centre

Macrobert Cafe Bar is open from 10am til late, Mon - Sun.


You can have a look at the menu here.


To book a table, please call our Cafe Bar on 01786 466610.



The Kiosk

Kiosk is open selling a limited range of pre-packaged snacks and drinks.

Brewdog Lost Lager/Punk IPA 330ml  £2.50 
Portobello Gin & Indian Tonic 250ml  £3.00 
Red Leg Spiced Rum & 1886 Cola 250ml  £3.00 
Tail Feather Espresso Martini 140ml  £4.50 
Nice Malbec/Sauvignon Blanc 187ml  £4.50 
Coca Cola 330ml  £1.00 
Diet Coke 330ml  £1.00 
Irn Bru 330ml  £1.00 
Irn Bru Xtra 330ml  £1.00 
Alba Cola 330ml  £1.50 
Paisley Drinks Co. various 330ml  £1.50 
Ribena/Capri-Sun 250ml  £1.00 
Still Water 330ml  £1.00 
Minstrels 130g  £2.50 
Maltesers 93g  £2.50 
Fruit Pastilles 150g  £2.50 
Flipz 37G  £1.00 
Popcorn Kitchen 100g bag  £2.50 
Pipers Crisps 40g  £1.00 
Mackies Ice Cream 120g tub  £2.50 
Jude's Mango Sorbet 100g tub  £2.50 
Americano/Cappacino/Latte 12oz  £2.20 
Flat White 8oz  £2.00 
Esspresso  £1.80 
Tea 12oz  £1.30