Food & Drink at Macrobert Arts Centre

The Cafe/Bar is open from 10am (Mon-Fri) - drop by to make sure you're fuelled up for a busy day of work or fun. 
Check out the latest food and drink options on the Menu

Please also be aware that there are a few less tables and chairs available in the Cafe/Bar due to the Campus Central redevelopment works going on. If you're planning to enjoy lunch or dinner before your event, then we recommend that you book in advance or allow a bit of extra time - 01786 466 610. 


The Kiosk

Our kiosk has loads of refreshments and snacks on offer! Take a look at our price list. The kiosk will be open approximately 15 minutes before each performance or screening. 

Revels 101g  £2.50   Harviestoun Shiehallion 330ml  £2.50
Minstrels 130g  £2.50   Harviestoun The Ridge 330ml  £2.50
Maltesers 93g  £2.50   Harviestoun Whippet 330ml   £2.50
Fruit Pastilles 150g  £2.50   Harviestoun Broken Dial 330ml  £2.50
Munchies 104g  £2.50   Kentish Pip High Diver Cider 330ml  £2.50
Pick n Mix 170g  £2.00   Longflint Hedgerow Gin & Tonic 250ml  £3.00
Candy Kittens 108g  £2.00   Longflint Rhubarb & Vodka Seltzer 250ml  £3.00
Mighty Fine Honeycomb Bar 30g  £1.20   Longflint Ginger Beer & Spiced Rum 250ml  £3.00
Flipz 37G  £1.00   Eden Mill Citrus Fizz 250ml  £3.50
SNACT 20g  £0.90   Eden Mill Love Bellini 250ml  £3.50
Polo Spearmint 34g  £0.80   Eden Mill Basil Smash 250ml  £3.50
      Eden Mill Berry Bramble 250ml  £3.50
Popcorn Kitchen 140g box  £3.50   The Uncommon Sparkling Wine 250ml  £5.50
Popcorn Kitchen 100g bag  £2.50   Te Merio Sauvigon Blanc 250ml  £5.50
Mackies Sweet & Salted 30g bag  £1.00   Pablo Y Walter Malbec 250ml  £5.50
Pipers Crisps 40g  £1.00      
      Coke/Diet Coke 330ml  £1.00
Mackies Ice Cream 120g tub  £2.50   Irn Bru/Xtra 330ml  £1.00
Jude's Mango Sorbet 100g tub  £2.50   Fanta 330ml  £1.00
Solero 90ml  £2.00   Sunmagic Orange Juice 330ml  £1.00
Kinder Stick 36ml  £1.00   Feel Good Juice 180ml  £1.00
      Cawston Press Ginger Beer 330ml  £1.00
      Still Water 330ml  £1.00
      Still Water 500ml  £1.50