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This season we're inviting you to join a conversation about language and it's importance to our world. Does the language we experience affect our understanding of the world? What kind of impact does it have on issues like discrimination? Whose voices do we hear and whose voices are missing?

This season our Conversation looks directly at whose voices are heard, through a selection of theatre, film, photography and literature events, with opportunities for you to share your thoughts with others:

Macrobert Book Group: Tue 26 Feb, 6.30pm. We're reading Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler - feel free to drop in!

Photo Competition: Deadline Thu 28 Feb, 5pm. Submit a photo of people in your life 'havin' a blether' and we could exhibit it.

Creative Breakfast: Fri 1 Mar, 9am. Our March breakfast met will focus on the theme of language.

International Women's Day: Twa Fri 8 Mar, 7.30pm. The stories of women who have been silenced are told through storytelling and live drawing.

Film Takeover by Stirling Women's Aid: Stirling Women's Aid 'takeover' the film programme for a weekend in March - more details to be announced.

Locker Room Talk: Thu 18 Apr, 7.30pm. A provocative exploration of how men speak about women in male-only spaces.

Ladder of Years