Experience something 'Out of this World'.

23rd March 2017

OOTW landscape shot

With less than a month to go, bungees are being tested and flight training is in full action! Part medical drama, part love story, and full on edge of your seat adventure, but who will survive this journey into the unknown?

Meet Ellen. Newlywed but in a medically induced coma. She's disorientated, in pain, her husband is missing and time is running out. Surrounded by a trauma team working to save her, obstacles begin to be thrown in the way, and she has a heart-breaking choice to make – does she fight for her life or for her love?

As a member of the audience, you'll begin to explore Ellen's damaged and woozy imagination. With her as your only guide, be prepared to be quickly propelled along the ever changing paths of her subconscious. Featuring a mix of explosive spectacles, gravity defying aerial movement, interactive projection and specially commissioned music, you won't have time to hold your breath. This use of inventive storytelling really makes it an event that defies description - it literally is 'out of this world'. 

The production is conceived, written and directed by Mark Murphy, a groundbreaking theatre-maker, celebrated internationally for creating genre-defying work that combines an unusually broad range of skills. As director, writer, designer, filmmaker and choreographer - a man of many talents -  he has led ambitious, large-scale outdoor events and international ceremonies including the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games closing ceremony. 

Fri 21 & Sat 22 Apr 2017, 7.30PM
Tickets: £16.50 / £14.50 Conc

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