18th February 2020

Petre 3

In 2019 Petre Dobre received an award from the Create:Inclusion Fund backed by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland. These funds have enabled his personal progression, his development of creative and professional practice and allowed him to follow through on opportunities to take professional and creative risks.

As a result of that reward Petre is currently developing a new piece of work called Squirrel, exploring the use of sign language, physicality and visual storytelling to create an accessible performance for deaf and hearing children and their families.  

Petre is looking out his window, watching squirrels run up and down the trees collecting nuts. Their swift and agile bodies, their beauty, their sheer focus and determination fascinate him. He thinks about a story of two squirrels, one red and one grey. They meet. They become friends. Through a testing voyage they discover a greater understanding of who they are.

Petre was born and raised in Craiova, Romania. Whilst at school he developed a love for performance, including physical theatre, comical mime and dance. He joined the school dance group and over a six-year period toured nationally and internationally. It was during this period that Petre found his desire to become a professional performer.

Petre became deaf as a young child. Through contact with Glasgow’s Solar Bear Theatre Company he discovered a new course for deaf actors being launched at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He was successful in gaining a place and graduated with a BA in Performance (BSL/English) in 2018. In the same year Macrobert Arts Centre created a 12 month BSL Director Trainee opportunity funded through Creative Scotland and Petre was given this incredible opportunity. His work at Macrobert Arts Centre has been a huge success, working in different strands whilst continuing to develop his own work. This work was showcased back in June 2019 and, with further funding as part of the Create:Inclusion fund from Creative Scotland, he is in the process of developing work for both deaf and hearing young people alike.

Theatre credits include: Words, Who Needs Them (On The Verge), The Jungle Book (RCS), Last Woman Left (RCS), 9/11 (RCS), Love and Information (RCS/Solar Bear), Scavengers (RCS), Dream on! (BBC Arts Live), Ban On Fantasy, Beautiful Thing (RCS), Heartsore and 9/11 (Macrobert Arts Centre), Heartsore (Manipulate Festival)

Film credits include: XYZ (RCS Short Film), Assassins Contract 2016, Calder (RCS Short film), Contenders, Andrei (Rebecca Reeves Short Film).

Photo courtesy of Thistles Shopping Centre 





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