Educating Ronnie

Created by Joe Douglas and Gareth Nicholls. Produced by Macrobert Arts Centre and Utter.

In 2002, Joe went on a gap year trip to Uganda, to visit an aunt who was working for a charity.  Amidst the six week blur of safaris, white-water rafting and orphanages, Joe made friends with Ronnie....Ronnie was 16, Joe was 18. They were both the eldest sons of large families. They both supported Manchester United.  Six months later, back in Manchester, Joe got a text:

Brother my sponsor has pulled out on me and I want to stay in school.  Can you help?  Ronnie x

That text was to change both of their lives and inextricably link them together. An astonishing true story performed by Joe himself, Educating Ronnie takes place over a decade. With 4000 miles apart and thousands of pounds invested, it explores the murky processes behind bettering oneself in Uganda. 

2012 Winner - Fringe First Award, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

“As thought-provoking as they come**** The Independent 

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