A co-production between Macrobert Arts Centre and Barrowland Ballet
Created and devised by Natasha Gilmore

A funny, sensory dance theatre piece for ages 0-3, with live music, clapping rhythms and bubble popping. You and your little ones will go on a musical and visual adventure with Poggle. 

Beasties, beasties, buzzing bees, I'm not scared of climbing trees. 

Splash, splash, squelch in mud, creeping, crawling, Chasing bugs.

The Pine Tree, Poggle And Me was inspired by my young children as I watched the way they explored and played in the world around them. The joy of discovery and accomplishment when new skills are found and obstacles overcome and the wonderment children find in the simplest things, like mud. This is the story of Vince, who wanted to explore the forest but was too scared. Until one day he meets Poggle, a friendly creature who takes him on an adventure exploring the forest and the magical musical tree.' Natasha Gilmore, Choreographer & Director