Drama Club

Inclusive Drama Group / NEW / For ages 12+ / Fridays 5PM / £80

For young people with and without disabilities. The experienced Glasgow-based Loop Theatre work with young people who have additional support needs and their friends and families to create devised theatre. Devising begins from the range of skills and experiences that participants bring to the room and develops into shared performances. 

Macrobert Youth Theatre 1 [MYT1] / For P1, P2 and P3 / Saturdays 10:30AM / £50 

A fun introduction to drama focusing upon theatre games and movement. Experienced tutor Sarah Gudgeon provides creative support allowing your child to learn new skills and grow in confidence. Objects will be used to create improvisations that may feed into a mini-play that we like to make to show families at the end of term. 

Macrobert Youth Theatre 2 [MYT2] / For P4, P5 and P6 / Saturdays 11:45AM / £65 

Experienced tutor Sarah Gudgeon supports children to experiment with their voices, play improvisation games and to create short scenes. The group will be encouraged to bring in objects of their choice from home as starting points for improvisation. Children will be encouraged to share their own ideas for a performance theme which they’ll shape and build to create an end of term sharing. 

Macrobert Youth Theatre 3 [MYT3] / For P7, S1 & S2 / Saturdays 1:45PM / £65  

A group for children and young people who are interested in drama and keen to develop theatre skills, it begins with physical and vocal warm-ups which lead into improvisational games. Participants in this group will have opportunities to work from scripts as well being supported to share and shape their own ideas into short devised plays. 

Macrobert Youth Theatre 4 [MYT4] / For S3+ / Saturdays 3:30PM / £65

This group is designed to inspire young people to express their thoughts, feelings and reactions to the world around them through drama. It's a longer class with time for some games, discussion and experimentation with new ideas to create their own work. Participants will have opportunities to work from traditional scripts as well as a chance to devise and create their own original scripts and share them with an audience.