60 Seconds in Lockdown

60 Seconds in Lockdown


In April, we launched our first ever Ultra Short Film Competition - 60 Seconds in Lockdown.

The competition was open to first time and experienced film makers of all ages . There was no lockdown on the subject matter, minimum (or maximum) budget and no set genre  to work to. There was two simple rules –

Your film MUST have been created on or after March 23, 2020

Your film MUST be 60 seconds or under (including titles and credits)

Entries for the competition closed on the 19 June. Having received numerous submissions and much much deliberation from our judging panel, over the next week we shall be announcing our shortlisted films and our overall winner.


Winning Film

On the Moon

On the Moon from Macrobert Arts Centre on Vimeo.


An introvert under lockdown reflects on how the tables have turned

Directed By - Graham Hughes

Written by - Joma West

Key Cast - Joma West



The Sound of Lockdown

The Sound of Lockdown from Macrobert Arts Centre on Vimeo.


Director - Emily Blackmore
Writer - Emily Blackmore
Producer - Emily Blackmore
Key Cast - Emily Blackmore


Regular from Macrobert Arts Centre on Vimeo.

The routine of bringing together a corse grind, a fine steam and a creamy foam.

Directed By - Holger Mohaupt

​Produced by - Tracey Fearnehough



Mothers from Macrobert Arts Centre on Vimeo.

Directed By - Gloria Kurnik

Written by - Gloria Kurnik

​Produced by - Gloria Kurnik

Photograhpy - Gloria Kurnik


The Last Roll

In the midst of quarantine the family are only left with one toilet roll in the house. The sisters need the toilet at the same time but who will get to the roll first?

Directed By - Lucy Gilmour

Written by - Lucy Gilmour

​Produced by - Lucy Gilmour

Cast - Rachel Gilmour, Olivia Gilmour, Tom Gilmour


They think she's just a machine, but Maria is watching, and listening, and learning

Directed By - Chris Henry, Alan Mclardy​

Written by - Alan Mclardy

​Produced by - Chris Henry, Alexandra Wilson

Cast - Chris Henry, Alexandra Wilson
Remember to check back daily for shortlist and winner updates. 




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